Technical Capacity

   Item  Parameter  ITEM  Parameter 
  Layers    2~20    Min.Hole size    0.2mm 
  Board thickness    0.4~6mm    Bow and twist  0.50%
  Copper Foil    1/3~4OZ    Tolerance of drilling    +2Mil/-2Mil 
  Min. Line width    3Mil    Shape tolerance    +4Mil/-4Mil 
  Min. line space    3Mil    Surface treatment    OSPLead-free tin spraying, gold precipitation, tin precipitation, silver        precipitation 
  Min. Solder Dam    2.5Mil    Max. Product size    620×1500mm 
  Test    Impendence testOpen-circuit & short-circuit testFlying probe testHigh voltage test, PIM testPIM test