With more than 120 senior engineers in the company we continuously invest in their development to ensure we are aware of and adopt the latest industry innovations whilst ensuring our engineers are qualified to the most current standards. We are qualified with UL, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, and CQC and follow international standards such as IPC and MIL, thus ensuring a speedy, efficient and reliable PCB manufacturing service for our client companies around the world.

  •    Item  Parameter  ITEM  Parameter 
      Layers    2~20    Min.Hole size    0.2mm 
      Board thickness    0.4~6mm    Bow and twist  0.50%
      Copper Foil    1/3~4OZ    Tolerance of drilling    +2Mil/-2Mil 
      Min. Line width    3Mil    Shape tolerance    +4Mil/-4Mil 
      Min. line space    3Mil    Surface treatment    OSPLead-free tin spraying, gold precipitation, tin precipitation, silver        precipitation 
      Min. Solder Dam    2.5Mil    Max. Product size    620×1500mm 
      Test    Impendence testOpen-circuit & short-circuit testFlying probe testHigh voltage test, PIM testPIM test 
  • No. Type Item Parameter
    1 FPC Base mateiral PI 
    Layers 1-6 layers 
    Board thickness  0.1-0.6mm
     Max. Product size  9*22inch
    Min.bending radius 3-6 times the board thickness
     Min. Line width /space 3/3mil
    Tolerance of outline ±0.05mm 
    2 FPCB Structure Multi-layer flexible paging or bonding structure, HDI structure
    Layers  2-20 layers 
    Min. flexible zone width 5mm
    Min. Line width /space  inner3/3mil、outer3.5/3.5mil
    Min.Hole size  0.10mm(laser-drilling)/0.15mm(machine drilling)
    Min.welding ring width 4mil
    Hole to conductor spacing <=6layers:5mil,7-11layers:6mil,>=12layer:8mil
    Thickness aperture ratio 1︰1(blind hole);16︰1(through-hole) 
    Tolerance of outline  ±0.10mm
      Surface treatment  ENIG、HASL、FLASH GOLD、HARD GOLD、OSP
  • No. Type Layers Lead time
    <1m 1-5m >5m
    1 FPC Single side 5 6 7
    Double side 7 8 9
    Mulitlayer 10 12 14
    2 FPCB Through hole 7 9 11
    One step HDI  12 15 18
    Flying tail, flexible window opening, flexible non-layered, ladder and other special structures 15 18 25

    Lead Time(Rigid PCB)

    Adjustment According to Industry Order Saturation Lead time(working day)
    Fresh order Mass  production Sample
    Double Layer 9-10 8-10 3-4
    4~8 Layer 11-12 10-12 5-6
    10 Layers+ 13-14 12-14 6-7

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XingDa owns highly advanced equipment which allow us to achieve high quality PCB and FPCB.

We can handle any complicated PCB & FPCB manufacture projects.

1.Brown-osidated treatment line:VCP R value ≤ 5um
2.Vacuum etching line:track distance>=2.5mil
3.LDI exposure machine: meet the requirements of 50um dense track production
4.Vertical continuous electroplating line:core thickness(include copper)>=0.075mm